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Review by Lasthamlet on 04-10-2002
This is without a doubt the best of the best in Vaporizers. I first saw this item in a coffeeshop, De Kuil. After a demonstration I fell in love with the Volcano. It was like toking pure energy. The pure essence of the plant.We looked around Amsterdam for one and the best price we found was Euro=695.00. This website has the best price by far. Even with the regular shipping, it was at my home faster than any book I have ordered at Amazon. I kid you not. The fellows here are tops of the world. This is a first rate product, very fine craftsmanship. Unlike our NAFTA, mexican made products here in America. This is a true 5 STAR Product. (*****) LastHamlet=USA

Review by scarab on 08-02-2003
I have owned at least 6 vaporizers in the past 4 years including the Vapir,various conduction type and the very good but hard to use VaporTech. I can say without a doubt that the Volcano is the best one I have ever used. The only one I think that would compare would be the Vrip gear. A gram of herb, finely ground fills several (I lost count after the second balloon) bags before it starts tasting like roasted popcorn (burnt is too harsh a word for the smooth hits from this incredible little machine. I can get 3 bong size hits of very sweet tasting cool mist from each bag. At least the first 4 or 5 bags maintain this nice flavor (setting 7). The unit is very easy to fill with a generous chamber and easy to empty and keep clean. The unit is perfect for up to 3 people to use at once although more would not be a hassle because the bag fills in well under a minute and would probably hold 2 or more grams if you want it to. I would give it 6

Review by jlydon on 04-03-2003
Just received mine today, and you gotta love it. If you're concerned with the price, it's obvious why it costs what it does - it is VERY well made. The bottom line is: This thing is scary when used with the right smoking material. A must for those get-togethers with friends - you'll be the envy of the neighborhood. the unbeatable price actually rivals the factory itself. It shipped with a US plug, which will save you some $ on a step-down converter. Overall, I am very pleased with the purchase, and am looking forward to including the Volcano into my daily ritual of after work relaxation. German workmanship at its absolute finest! 5 stars!

From T.S. In Texas
I have 6 herbal vaporizers from musick & co. ... They work pretty well.... I also have a "dlx black vapir" cordless, with all the accessories... Its more high tech, but the function is questionable to mediocre at best. Leaving the unanswered question...."Did it do anything yet ?" But the volcano vaporizer is still my favorite. It works great. The flavor that it produces is fantastic, making each plant release its own full unique taste. I have one of the largest pipe, bong, etc. Collections of anyone I know... It is huge... And I am getting rid of all of it... No more smoking for me...Smoking destroys the quality of the flavor, and potency. Not to mention all the negative health effects. Vapor mist is the only way to go... And its the only way you will ever taste all the flavor. A volcano is a little more expensive, but the best investment you can make...What is the flavor worth to you... ?

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